About the Society

The Society's Logo

The Society's Logo is the Green Monday Cicada Cyclochila australasiae drawn by Charles McCubbin (President of the Society 1971 to 1974). This Cicada is a common species throughout the eastern coast of Victoria and its shrill chorus can often be heard during the summer months in the parks and gardens of Melbourne and its suburbs.

History of the Entomological Society of Victoria Inc.

The Society can trace its origins back to the 5th of April 1927 where "The Entomological Club" was formed. The Club commenced with 14 members. In May 1930 it was decided to change the name of the Club to "The Entomologist's Club of Victoria" and renamed in May 1935 to "The Entomological Society of Victoria". The Society disbanded in 1942 due to low attendances as a result of members either in Active Service or wartime industrial occupations. The Club reformed in 1961 at the instigation of work by J. C. Le Souëf. The Society's newsletter "Wings and Stings" was started in 1965. In 1971 the newsletter was renamed the Victorian Entomologist and continues to be produced bi-monthly.

Aims of the Society

The Entomological Society of Victoria Inc.:


Office Bearers

Patrick Honan
Peter Carwardine
Hon. Secretary
Steve Curle
Hon. Treasurer
Joshua Grubb
Hon. Editor
Linda Rogan
Excursions Sec
Peter Carwardine
Public Officer
Ian Endersby
Past President
Peter Marriott
Dr. Ken Walker
Peter Lillywhite
Maik Fiedel